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Sean O’Connor

Sean O'Connor


Program Manager, Citizen Science

Sean O’Connor join BSCS Science Learning in 2018 as the program manager for citizen science. He is a self-labeled, life-long school nerd who has always relished in learning across all disciplines. In his undergraduate studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara he fell in love with geography as a discipline. What started with a couple of geology field trips where passionate instructors taught field lessons on how to read landscapes–to understand the stories of the past that they revealed to us–led to majoring in geography where he felt very called to the tools and ways of looking at the world that were unique to that discipline.

Prior to joining BSCS Science Learning, Sean worked as a program manager at the National Graphic Society for over a decade in citizen science and educational technology, which included curriculum development, professional development, and technology design and development. He holds a Master’s degree from Georgetown University in Communication, Culture, and Technology.

Sean’s big vision for the world is one where everyone is in love with the incredible Planet we live on and in awe of the magnitude of interconnectedness that exists between all things

Selected Publications

Edelson, D., Mohan, A., O’Connor, S. (2018) Engaging Learners in Authentic Science with Environmental Data. Connected Science Learning. Issue 6.