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BSCS Science Learning Videoverse

Videos of science classrooms provide opportunities for rich analysis of classroom instruction, teacher moves, and student thinking. BSCS Science Learning has made our best K-12 videos and associated resources freely available for teacher learning and growth.

Explore what BSCS Videoverse has to offer!

BSCS Videoverse takes you inside classrooms with a growing collection of 2-20 minute video clips spanning a variety of topics including:

  • Science Discipline
  • Science Topic
  • Grade Band & Grade Level
  • Activity Focus
  • Science and Engineering Practice
  • Crosscutting Concept

Many videos also come with associated resources, including: transcripts with context for the video content, lesson plans, student handouts, and other teacher materials.

Who will benefit from BSCS Videoverse?

We launched BSCS Videoverse to support a variety of science educator audiences:

  • preservice teacher educators using video resources in their teacher preparation programs,
  • teachers looking to enhance their own instructional practices,
  • professional learning leaders working with a group of science teachers, and
  • researchers considering growth in student understanding or the impact of different teacher moves in classroom settings.

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