Frank Niepold


Team member: Frank Niepold (Co-PI)

Organization: NOAA Climate Program Office

Currently lives: Brookeville, MD



Experience or expertise/projects of note:

Climate Education programs, partnerships and leadership at local, regional, national and international levels. I was a classroom teacher for 10 years in biology, ecology, earth systems and science technology and society. Worked at NASA on the Mission to Planet Earth with LandSat, was a master teacher and international trainer for the GLOBE Program and have co-founded networks and coalitions to advance climate literacy over the last decade and a half. Finally, I have led national climate educational initiatives at the White House during the Obama administration and am now an Action for Climate Empowerment National Focal Point for the United States.

Reasons I’m excited about this project:

It’s the most important part of the climate work that just does not get the support it needs. Making progress here enables communities near and long term climate solutions.

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