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Climate Education Pathways ESA Poster DRK12 Meeting 2023

Jeffrey Snowden, Lindsey Mohan, Emily Harris, Brian Donovan, Colin Dixon, Lisa Carey, Betty Stennett, Candice Guy-Gaytán, Audrey Mohan, Cathie Stimac, Heather Young

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Anchoring student learning in locally relevant problems and solutions

Enya Granados, Audrey Mohan, Lindsey Mohan

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Image Credits: [Coho Salmon] – Oregon Department of Forestry, CC BY 2.0.      [Peaches] – Ivanna Kykla.     [Pine Nuts] – Dcrjsr, CC BY 3.0.      [Beetlekill and Healthy Trees] – UBC Micrometeorology, CC BY 2.0.      [Pika] – Tiziana Bardelli, CC BY-SA 4.0