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Frequently Asked Questions

What do others say about using NextGen TIME?

NextGen TIME was an absolutely transformative experience for our district. Not only did it lead us to choose with confidence the best materials available, but it elevated all of our understanding of NGSS and what high-quality science learning must look like. This process for selecting materials turned out to be powerful professional learning more than anything else. It was so great, we even used the same concepts and structures for our math materials adoption process. — David Wartowski, Evanston, Illinois

Using the tools and processes outlined by NextGen TIME has taken our instructional materials adoption to the next level. Our teachers are engaged in collecting evidence around the alignment of each program to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and now they understand the importance of the student thinking and learning pathways to verify this alignment. Using NextGen TIME is not only informing our adoption process but also supporting our teachers with their own professional development around phenomenon-based learning. — Dana Dyer, Washington State

How long does it take to use NextGen TIME?

Access the sample timelines for the five phases.

How was NextGen TIME developed?