Catherine Stimac


Team member: Catherine Stimac, (Co-PI)

Organization: Executive Producer, Educational Production at Oregon Public Broadcasting

Currently lives: Portland, Oregon



Experience or expertise/projects of note:

Award-winning producer of educational multimedia and interactive teacher, student and informal learner resources developed through partnerships with local and national experts with a goal to educate and inspire curiosity, conversation and deeper connection. Projects include serving with BSCS as Co-PI on A Medical Mystery, producing the PBS website for Hacking Your Mind, partnering with BSCS on Energy: A Multidisciplinary Approach for Teachers, and producing educational materials and the website for OPB’s science of archaeology, PBS prime-time series, Time Team America.

Reasons I’m excited about this project:

Students and teachers in my community have been clamoring for instruction material and tools to better understand how and why climate change is affecting the health of our communities now. I’m elated to work with this respected, thoughtful and solutions focused team to provide vitally important climate change education, approaching the topic in relevant, recognizable, and equitable ways for all learners. I’m especially excited to dig into data collected from reliable sources, learn from it, and visualize it for broad engagement in practical, meaningful and inspiring ways.

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