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Making Waves with Radio

Making Waves with Radio

Making Waves with Radio is a suite of museum activities, apps, and camp curricula, for engaging educators, youth, and public audiences about radio technologies.

How can educators support awareness and better understanding of the critical role and uses of radio frequency communications in our lives and in society? 

The Making Waves with Radio project provides a suite of museum activities, apps, camp curricula, and mobile online professional learning for educators who work with youth, families, and public audiences.

These activities are created using a codesign development approach to support nimble, mobile informal education, while incorporating the best aspects of phenomenon-based and hands-on learning. 

Educator resources include hands-on activities, facilitator guides, training videos, digital apps, and other mobile online professional learning, all of which will be easily accessed and adapted to engage youth and the public about radio frequency communications. Different resources can be used as standalone activities or as bundles to reach children and families in museum settings, community workshops, and/or other informal learning environments.

All materials will be released under an open-source license and will be free to use.

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