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Teaching elementary science can be challenging. So how can university faculty prepare future elementary teachers for success in the classroom? And how can professional development leaders help existing elementary teachers grow?

BSCS Science Learning created ViSTA specifically for university preservice methods courses and inservice professional learning programs. The resource is designed to enhance elementary science content knowledge and instructional practices. ViSTA users explore the powerful STeLLA® approach, learning to apply high-leverage teaching strategies through video-based lesson analysis. With access to five content-specific modules—Plants, Electricity, Water Cycle, Force and Motion, and Inquiry—ViSTA users will discover a range of K-8 classroom videos, assignments, and guided in-class exercises that are relevant to their specific contexts.

Instructors, facilitators, and individual users may sign up for a free 14-day trial to review the resource. Once a course or user is registered, ongoing access costs $15 per module.This fall, ViSTA is free for instructors and students. Instructors should contact BSCS to get started with a 14-day trial. During the trial period, instructors can decide whether they’d like to continue with their free access + add the free student seats for the remainder of the semester.

*This program offers limited tech support. Canvas seats are free as supplies last.

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