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Audrey Mohan

Image: Audrey Mohan

Never Doubt That a Small Group of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens Can Change the World; Indeed, It's the Only Thing That Ever Has.

~Margaret Mead


Senior Research Scientist; Associate Director, OpenSciEd Developer's Consortium

Audrey Mohan joined BSCS as a Research Scientist in December 2012. Her expertise is in instructional materials design, evaluating instructional materials, and designing professional development. She also has expertise in crowdsourcing and mapping scientific data using cloud-based GIS.

Audrey’s current work focuses on designing instructional materials to support NGSS while also igniting a curiosity in students to want to figure out the world around them. She is currently the Associate Director of the OpenSciEd Middle School Developer’s Consortium – a project that has created Open Education Resources for middle school classrooms ( She also has extensive experience in developing national consensus reports on the design and evaluation of instructional materials and professional development for both geography and science education. She was research director for the National Council for Geographic Education on the Road Map for 21st Century Geography Education project (Schell, Roth, & Mohan, 2013), co-PI on an NSF-funded project that developed a national consensus report entitled Guidelines for Assessing the Quality of Instructional Materials in Science (DGE-1445675). She was also a team member on the collaborative project between BSCS, the K-12 Alliance at WestEd, and Achieve to design and implement NextGen TIME.

She has facilitated professional development for teachers and students in the STeLLA® program, and also on using GIS and mapping technologies in the classroom. She is currently a project lead focusing on citizen science and learning with FieldScope (DRL-1010749, GEO-0627923) through the Invitations to Inquiry with FieldScope project, and associated professional learning.

Audrey has a BA in History from the University of Notre Dame, an MEd in Special Education from University of Texas-Austin, and a PhD in Geography – Geography Education from Texas State University – San Marcos. Her dissertation focused on teacher efficacy and teacher professional learning in geography.

Beyond BSCS, Audrey enjoys spending time in the outdoors, traveling around the world, and spending time with her three boys and furry girl.

Selected Publications

OpenSciEd Middle School Science

Invitations to Inquiry with Fieldscope (2022).

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