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Diego Rojas-Perilla

Image: Diego Rojas-Perilla


Science Educator

Dr. Diego Rojas-Perilla is a science educator and curriculum writer at BSCS Science Learning. He holds a BA in Biology and Microbiology from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. Since joining BSCS in April 2021, Dr. Rojas-Perilla has been a key contributor as a curriculum writer and unit lead for OpenSciEd High School Physics. Additionally, he is actively involved in the Making Waves project, where his goal is to enhance public awareness and understanding of radio frequency communications and wireless technologies.

Before his current role, Dr. Rojas-Perilla served as a curriculum writer for New Visions for Public Schools in New York City. He earned his PhD at Teachers College, Columbia University, focusing on preservice science teachers under the guidance of Professor Felicia Mensah.