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Elaine Klein

Image: Elaine Klein


Science Educator

Elaine Klein is a Science Educator at BSCS Science Learning, where she designs and researches opportunities for equitable, justice-focused science learning that brings together youth, teachers, and scientists. Since joining BSCS in August 2022, she has co-designed structures and processes to support teams in writing K-12 Climate Justice curriculum through the California Climate Change and Environmental Justice Program. She has also co-led a team to develop instructional materials for OpenSciEd Elementary, and conducted research on youth and teacher learning on the Making Computing Visible and Tangible project.

Klein has over 15 years of experience working in science learning environments, ranging from environmental education and after-school contexts to undergraduate Biology classrooms. Most recently, Elaine led the STEM team at Educurious in designing project-based learning curriculum and leading teacher professional learning. She holds a PhD in Learning Sciences & Human Development from the University of Washington and a MS in Evolutionary Biology from San Diego State University.

Selected Publications

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