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Emily Harris

Image: Emily Harris


Research Scientist

Emily Harris joined BSCS in 2018 and works on research and instructional materials development to support three-dimensional learning, place-based education, and participation in community and citizen science. Through her work in research and practice, she aims to help young people and educators participate in authentic STEM practices and use science and environmental learning experiences to take action in their lives and communities.

Prior to BSCS, Emily conducted research with the Center for Community and Citizen Science and the Sacramento Area Science Project at the University of California, Davis. She has also designed and facilitated professional learning for K-12 teachers at the California Academy of Sciences, taught undergraduates and preservice elementary teachers, and administered grants to support science and environmental literacy. Emily began her career in education as an environmental science educator and elementary school teacher, working with K-6 students in Northern California classrooms, educational gardens, and redwood forests.

Emily holds a B.A. in Science, Technology and Society from Vassar College, an M.A. in Teaching from the University of San Francisco, and an M.S. in Ecology and Ph.D. in Science and Agricultural Education from the University of California at Davis. Her graduate work focused on youth learning and agency in the context of school-based citizen science. She is based in Oakland, California and enjoys gardening, playing music, and cooking in her free time.

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Selected Publications

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