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Jill Prather-Cowart

Image: Jill Cowart


Chief Content Officer at Bloomboard, Inc.

Jill Prather-Cowart, M.Ed., currently serves as Chief Content Officer at Bloomboard, Inc. In this role she leads the development of the frameworks and content for micro-credentials for educators across the nation. Current projects include focuses on equity in schools, computer science certification, early literacy instruction, employability skills for high school students, and teacher leader initiatives.

Just prior to her position at Bloomboard, Inc., Jill served as the Assistant Superintendent of Academic Content for the Louisiana Department of Education, helping to ensure Louisiana’s academic vision was executed in classrooms daily. In this role, she lead the development and implementation of Louisiana’s content standards, primarily focusing on helping districts create coherent systems of high-quality curriculum, assessments, and professional development. Jill also worked on a number of innovative projects such as implementing STEM pathways for high school students, partnering with local and national organizations to develop quality curriculum, and implementing curriculum-aligned remediation tools for struggling students.