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Access Fund

At BSCS Science Learning, we are working toward a world where everyone is inspired and prepared to use science to build a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Curious what it means to bring proven science education programs where they are needed most? Check out BSCS’s approach.

To get there, all young people need access to high quality science education.

BSCS has a growing suite of powerful science education programs. But we face a persistent challenge: bringing these programs to the educators and learners who need them most. That’s why we’ve created the Access Fund. It is designed to make high quality science education available to districts and schools across underserved communities.

Right now, we are trying to connect with individuals and organizations who share our vision for a world where everyone is inspired and prepared to use science to build a better future. Because together, we can bring the best in science education where it’s needed most.

Donate to our Access Fund to make an impact.

Examples of Potential Impact

  • A $5,000 gift will support two teachers with a year of BSCS’s transformational STeLLA® professional learning program. STeLLA has been shown to significantly improve teaching practices and student outcomes in science.
  • A $25,000 gift will support a district or school’s efforts to build internal leadership capacity for science education reform. Our institute prepares leaders to help teachers navigate challenging science standards and implement new classroom materials.
  • A $50,000+ gift will support districts and schools with the adoption and effective implementation of BSCS’s new high school biology program. We can bring the entire program and professional learning support to teachers and students who otherwise would not have access. This is our most powerful high school biology program yet and is changing the way students learn and use science in their daily lives.