Science Teachers Learning from Lesson Analysis (STeLLA®)

Our Team

Image: Amy Belcastro

Amy Belcastro
Science Educator

Image: Jody Bintz

Jody Bintz
Senior Science Educator, Associate Director for Strategic Partnerships, and Director, Professional Learning

Image: Renee DeVaul

Renée DeVaul
Project Manager

Image: Cindy Gay

Cindy Gay
Senior Science Educator

Image: Nancy Hopkins-Evans

Nancy Hopkins-Evans
Senior Science Educator and Associate Director for Program Impact; Acting Director, Equitable Impact

Image: Molly Stuhlsatz

Molly Stuhlsatz
Senior Research Scientist, Associate Director for People and Culture

Image: Ashley Whitaker

Ashley Whitaker
Project Manager

Image: Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson
Senior Research Scientist and Director, Research and Innovation