Science Teachers Learning from Lesson Analysis (STeLLA®)

What We Offer

BSCS now offers in-person, online, and hybrid versions of our research-based STeLLA program to science educators and students nationwide. We also offer capacity-building programs to sustain the local impact of this program.

Is STeLLA right for your district or school? 

Teachers will:

  • participate in a program that has shown to significantly improve science teaching and student achievement in science. 
  • become more effective and confident in the classroom. 
  • feel a sense of community through this work. 
  • receive a participation certification that can be applied toward recertification credits. 

Students will: 

  • Learn more science in each unit than they do in other curriculum. 
  • Have space and opportunities to share their voices and ideas in the classroom. 
  • Become more engaged in science than ever before. 
  • Discover that they can apply science throughout their careers and lives, whether as a citizen or as a scientist.