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Resources for Environmental and Geography Educators

Resources for Environmental and Geography Educators

Do you teach geography, environmental science, or similar classes?

Try these free resources in your classroom today!

OpenSciEd Middle School

Freely available units on plate tectonics, natural hazards, ecosystems and biodiversity, climate change, and more.

Invitations to Inquiry with FieldScope

These 2-4 day lessons, using citizen and community science data sets and the FieldScope platform, aim to support middle and high school students in working with real-world data. Topics include invasive species, species range, light pollution, plastic pollution, plant phenology, water quality, and healthy streams and rivers.

Other programs you may like:

FieldScope and Citizen Science

The FieldScope platform allows for interactive mapping and graphing citizen and community science data (upper elementary to high school).

COVID-19 and Health Equity

These units focus on the social and scientific aspects of the COVID-19 virus (all levels).

Engineering in the Garden

This is a garden-based engineering unit in which students design trellises to support pea plants. Students consider how to design and build trellises that will stay stable and support peas as they climb (elementary).

Media & Health Literacy

The goal of these materials is to help students learn strategies that they can use to evaluate the health-related information that they see or hear in the media.