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BSCS Science Learning’s New High School Biology Program Earns “All-Green” Ratings from EdReports

June 6, 2023

BSCS Biology: Understanding for Life becomes the first green-lit high school science program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 6, 2023 – BSCS Science Learning and Kendall Hunt Publishing Company recently released a new full-year program to meet the changing needs of high school biology classrooms across the country. Today, this program–BSCS Biology: Understanding for Life–became the first high school science program ever to earn all-green ratings from EdReports

Green ratings signify that materials meet EdReports’ high standards for quality and usability.

“Since we released our first textbook in 1958, BSCS has led improvements in high school biology,” said Dr. Daniel Edelson, executive director of BSCS. “With the release of the Next Generation Science Standard, we decided it was time to create a brand new biology program that would enable teachers to make the challenging shifts in teaching that the new standards require and would prepare students to use science throughout their lives. The review from EdReports reassures us that we are on the right track. We are excited that this recognition will open the door for districts and schools across the country to adopt BSCS Biology.”

Districts and schools have long looked to EdReports as a trusted source for impartial reviews of instructional materials, but EdReports has not published reviews for high school science programs until this year. In its inaugural review of high school science programs, EdReports gave BSCS Biology green ratings on all three gateways: designed for NGSS, coherence and scope, and usability. The free report offers comprehensive information of the program’s quality.

BSCS Biology includes four units, each centered around an important societal challenge that requires an understanding of biological systems, like disease risk, prevention, and treatment and ecology. In each unit students investigate the societal challenge as the context for developing the scientific knowledge and abilities called for by the Next Generation Science Standards.   

“Over their lives, today’s students must play a role in resolving pressing societal challenges like antibiotic-resistant infections and unsustainable food systems,” said Dr. Lindsey Mohan, the project director for the development of BSCS Biology. “As we set out to create this program, we were motivated by the goal to prepare students to play a part in solving these 21st-century challenges, whether they do so in their professional or civic lives.” 

The program intentionally integrates supports for English language learners and students with below-grade-level literacy skills. 

“I work with a small group of students who are all new to the country. And overall, my students have stepped up to use their English to explore the topics in BSCS Biology,” said Dani Booth, a high school biology teacher in Colorado. “I have a student who arrived in the US five months ago; he has been able to understand the concepts and use his notes and word wall to participate in class. This is a huge win for a student brand new to learning English.” 

Booth is just one of many field-test teachers who believe this program will completely change the way students learn and use science throughout their lives. Faith Nelson, a high school biology teacher in Illinois, has already seen one student use her deeper understanding of biology to advocate for herself at the doctor’s office. 

BSCS provides a variety of print and digital resources to support successful implementation of the program. And the organization’s robust professional learning program supports teachers and leaders in making the shifts in teaching and learning called for by A Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards. 

“BSCS has been setting the standard in science education for 65 years–since the release of our first three high school biology textbooks during a critical time in US history,” said Edelson. “Those textbooks were widely adopted and impacted millions of students. We are confident that our new program will bring teachers the rigor and inquiry they’ve come to expect from BSCS over the decades, while featuring the science all young learners need to thrive in today’s complex world.” 

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