Transforming science education through research-driven innovation

What We Do

At BSCS Science Learning, we are on a mission to transform science education nationwide. This means creating impact that is both systemic and sustainable. And we accomplish this goal through four areas of work.

Instructional Materials Development

For teachers to be successful in the classroom, they must have access to high quality instructional materials. We leverage research insights and current industry standards to produce reliable curricula, as we’ve done since our earliest days.

Our process begins with experimentation across small-scale settings. And based on our learnings from initial market tests and evaluations, we develop materials for broad dissemination.

In today’s world, we primarily focus on developing NGSS-based, online, and highly interactive materials that meet the needs of increasingly diverse student populations.

male student holding an iPad that says 'Focus Question: What are the building blocks of living things?'
teacher with long hair and denim jacket pointing at something on a desk with three female fifth-grade students

Teacher Professional Learning

A thriving science education system depends on high quality professional learning opportunities for teachers. We are recognized for our signature approach to professional development, resulting from our 15-year line of research on how teachers and students learn science.

Our approach to professional learning is proving to be powerful in both teacher preparation and continuing education programs; in district-wide programs and in programs enrolling individual teachers; in programs for elementary, middle, and high school teachers; and in programs facilitated in person and online.

Leadership Development

Support from the state level to the classroom level is needed to transform science education. That’s why we are committed to system-wide leadership development. We create and deliver research-driven programs that prepare schools, districts, and states to implement stronger systems and policies for science teaching and learning.

Our programs provide education leaders with high quality professional learning opportunities and support in selecting and implementing high quality instructional materials. As industry research indicates, both components are essential for effective science instruction.

young girl with long brown hair, white sweatshirt, and safety goggles on her forehead looking at a vial in her left hand as she puts rocks inside of it
young boy with glasses and blue hoodie scrunching his face while looking at a vial in his right hand


Our work begins and ends with research. We conduct a variety of studies for a deeper understanding of how teachers and students learn science. Our evaluations span from studies of our own interventions across schools and districts to big-picture analyses across the greater science education landscape.

This ongoing research allows us to explore the effectiveness of our instructional materials, professional learning, and leadership programs while informing our future innovation. Ultimately, we deliver enhanced products and services in more robust, research-informed settings.

Our Model for Transforming Science Education

BSCS’s four areas of work: Leadership Development, Teacher Professional Learning, Instructional Materials, and Research. Leadership Development is important for the state, district, and school levels, while Teacher Professional Learning and Instructional Materials are important for the classroom level. Research and innovation are involved in each area of work.

Interested in partnering with us or hiring us to support your science education advancement efforts? Let’s explore how we can work together.