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H. Craig Heller

Image: H. Craig Heller


Professor, Department of Biology, Stanford University

H. Craig Heller, Ph.D., is a Lorry Lokey/Business Wire Professor of Biological Sciences and Human Biology at Stanford University.

Dr. Heller’s research focus for over 40 years has been in the areas of physiology and neurobiology of temperature regulation, hibernation, sleep, circadian rhythms, and most recently learning and memory. Currently he is studying neural mechanisms controlling arousal states and arousal state transitions, the function of sleep, and the neural mechanisms of circadian rhythms. Research on human exercise physiology focuses on the effects of body temperature on physical conditioning and performance. The focus on Down syndrome is exploring the mechanism whereby reduction of GABA activity restores learning and memory in DS mice and also in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease.

He has also contributed to science through science education. He co-authored a leading biology majors book that is going into its 11th edition, as well as a similar book that was intended for AP Biology courses. He led a project that produced a two-year curriculum in Human Biology for the middle grades. And for over 40 years at Stanford University, he has taught physiology and neurobiology.

Dr. Heller originally served on the BSCS Board of Directors from 1988-1992. He rejoined the Board in 2019.