Transforming science education through research-driven innovation

Staff Directory

Daniel C. Edelson
Executive Director and President
Jon Adams
Facilities Manager and Applications Support Administrator
Janet Ash
Director of Finance and Operations
Karen Askinas
Senior Research Associate
Amy Belcastro
Science Educator
Jody Bintz
Senior Science Educator, Associate Director for Strategic Partnerships, and Director, Professional Learning
Andy Brubaker
Associate Science Educator
Zoë Buck Bracey
Senior Science Educator and Director, Design for Social and Environmental Justice Outcomes
Eric Carroll
Operations Coordinator
Kevin Cherbow
Science Educator
Jenine Cotton-Proby
Science Educator
Jamie Deutch Noll
Science Educator
Renée DeVaul
Project Manager
Clarissa Deverel-Rico
Postdoctoral Associate
Brian Donovan
Senior Research Scientist
Jean Flanagan
Science Educator and Director, Resources for Science Teaching and Learning
Cynthia Gay
Senior Science Educator and Staff Advocate
Susan Gomez Zwiep
Senior Science Educator and Staff Advocate
Becca Greer
Project Coordinator and Staff Advocate
Candice Guy-Gaytán
Research Scientist
Charlotte Hardwicke
Project Coordinator and Assistant to Senior Science Educator, Associate Director for Strategic Partnerships, and Director, Professional Learning
Emily Harris
Research Scientist
Cari F. Herrmann Abell
Senior Research Scientist and Staff Advocate
Nancy Hopkins-Evans
Senior Science Educator and Associate Director for Program Impact; Acting Director, Equitable Impact
Sherry Hsi
Principal Scientist and Staff Advocate
Justin Hutchcraft
Staff Accountant I
Elaine Klein
Science Educator
Dennis Lee
Research Scientist and Staff Advocate
Abe Lo
Science Educator
Stacey Luce
Editorial Production Lead
Janna Mahfoud
Science Educator
Valerie Maltese
Communications and Advancement Manager
Alyssa Markle
Project Coordinator
Whitney Mills
Science Educator
Audrey Mohan
Senior Research Scientist; Associate Director, OpenSciEd Developer's Consortium
Lindsey Mohan
Senior Science Educator, Associate Director for Program Innovation, and Chair, Program Council
Chris Moraine
Multimedia Graphic Designer
Steph Moran
Grant Budget Analyst
Tyler Morris-Rains
Project Coordinator
Dawn Novak
Science Educator
Lauren Novo
Director of Communications and Advancement
Guy Ollison
Science Educator
Patricia Olson
Research Assistant
Aleigh Raffelson
Executive Office Manager and Assistant to the Executive Director
Diego Rojas-Perilla
Science Educator
Jeffrey Snowden
Research Scientist
Betty Stennett
Science Educator
Molly Stuhlsatz
Senior Research Scientist, Associate Director for People and Culture, and Chair, Advocates Council
Awais Syed
Research Associate
Marti Torres
Staff Accountant II
Renée Touchette
Human Resources Manager
Monica Weindling
Research Associate
Ashley Whitaker
Project Manager and Staff Advocate
Chris Wilson
Senior Research Scientist and Director, Research and Innovation
Laura Zeller
Science Educator