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At BSCS, we believe science education is the key. We have a 60-year history of research-driven innovation. And right now, we are focused on bringing our programs to districts and schools that are being left behind.

November 08, 2021


Climate Education Pathways

Help us design a climate education unit that your students will find interesting and connects to your community’s priorities.

October 26, 2021


BSCS Science Learning and Kendall Hunt Announce New High School Biology Program

Introducing BSCS Biology: Understanding for Life

September 14, 2021


Learning from Kilo

A Story by BSCS Science Educator Cindy Gay

August 30, 2021


Support the Work We Do Every Day

At BSCS, we believe science education is the key to making our world better.

August 05, 2021


Making Waves: Teaching Radio to Youth and the Public

By: Dr. Sherry Hsi, BSCS Principal Scientist

April 09, 2021


Darwin Day 2021

Darwin Day is a celebration to commemorate the birthday of Charles Darwin on February 12, 1809. The day is used to highlight Darwin's contributions to science and to promote science in general.

February 12, 2021


20 BSCS Accomplishments in 2020

Celebrate with Us!

December 14, 2020


Help Create a Higher-Quality Science Education

A donation to BSCS is a direct contribution to more-inclusive, meaningful, and effective science education.

November 19, 2020


“Inside the Classroom” with Holly Hereau

An Interview with BSCS Science Educator and PAEMST Recipient.

September 18, 2020


Reporting Findings to Decision-Makers and Project Participants

Dr. Chris Wilson discusses the importance of sharing research results to a broad range of audiences in a recent DRK-12 blog.

August 10, 2020


BSCS Statement on Black Lives Matter

June 03, 2020


“Inside the Classroom” with Rachel Buckley

BSCS Interviews a Massachusetts-based 7th Grade Science Teacher.

April 22, 2020


BSCS Launches Invitations to Inquiry to Help Students Work with Citizen Science Data

Inquiries are Short Learning Experiences using Data from Projects Hosted on FieldScope.

April 21, 2020


BSCS Helps Students, Parents, and Teachers Connect with Nature

New Resource Recommends Individual Practices and Exercises.

April 15, 2020


BSCS Science Learning Publishes Research Findings, Tools, and Data Sets Related to Student and Teacher Outcomes in Science

BSCS Science Learning has published a suite of peer-reviewed research findings, online tools, and data sets for researchers to use when evaluating or planning studies of science education interventions.

April 09, 2020


Remembering Jack L. Carter

Jack Carter served as BSCS's Executive Director from 1982-1985.

March 26, 2020


Education Week Covers How an OpenSciEd Unit Is Used in the Classroom

A 7th grade science teacher has been thinking about how to make her science instruction more equitable.

March 05, 2020


Celebrating Darwin Day 2020

Darwin Day is a celebration to commemorate the birthday of Charles Darwin on February 12, 1809. The day is used to highlight Darwin's contributions to science and to promote science in general.

February 12, 2020


Dr. Brian Donovan Receives NARST 2020 Early Career Research Award

Dr. Donovan’s research has a focus on the cultural, cognitive and social outcomes of science education.

February 06, 2020


“Inside the Classroom” with Brittany Hubert

BSCS Interviews a KY-based 11th Grade Biology Teacher

December 09, 2019


Fossil Discovery Near BSCS Science Learning Headquarters

Interview with the team’s research leaders, vertebrate paleontologist Tyler Lyson, and paleobotanist Ian Miller, both of whom are curators at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

November 18, 2019


Support BSCS

Invest in the future of science teaching and learning with a donation to BSCS today.

November 03, 2019


Education Week Covers BSCS’s $8M Grant to Advance STeLLA Professional Learning Program

BSCS will Scale, Refine, Test, and Sustain STeLLA with US Department of Education Grant

October 14, 2019


BSCS Science Learning Awarded $8 Million Research Grant by US Department of Education

5-Year Grant to Help Address a National Need in Elementary Science

September 30, 2019


Education Week Covers Release of OpenSciEd Instructional Materials

BSCS Leads Development of Open Source Middle Grades Science Program

September 03, 2019


BSCS Science Learning Releases 3-D Middle School Life Science Curriculum Program: A Medical Mystery

New Program Supports Educators who are Navigating Next Generation Science.

August 12, 2019


“Inside the Classroom” with Iwona Jadamiec

BSCS Interviews a NJ-based 7th Grade Life Science Teacher

August 08, 2019


An Interview about Ebola with Dr. Mark Bloom, BSCS Science Educator

BSCS Offers Free Resource to Educate Public about Ebola

August 08, 2019


BSCS Science Learning Unveils New Website

BSCS launches a new website that reflects the organization’s 21st century brand identity.

April 09, 2019


New BSCS Research Shows Genetics Education Could Reduce Racial Biases

BSCS Research Scientist Dr. Brian Donovan has found that learning accurate information about human genetic variation within and between US census races can reduce racial biases in adolescent and adult populations.

April 08, 2019


Education Week Features BSCS's Research on Humane Genetics

EdWeek explores BSCS's research on how genetics education affects the development of racial biases among adolescents.

March 27, 2019


Celebrating Darwin Day 2019

Darwin Day is a celebration to commemorate the birthday of Charles Darwin on February 12, 1809. The day is used to highlight Darwin's contributions to science and to promote science in general.

February 12, 2019


Discover Magazine Covers BSCS's Citizen Science Report

SciStarter reporter features BSCS's "Designing Citizen Science for both Science and Education" Report on Discover Magazine's "Citizen Science Salon" blog.

October 07, 2018


Education Week Features BSCS's STeLLA Research

EdWeek explores BSCS's line of research on its STeLLA teacher professional learning program

August 16, 2018


New BSCS Report Presents Guidelines for Designing Citizen Science Projects that Merge Science and Education

BSCS Science Learning has released a report that presents guidelines for designing citizen science projects with scientific and educational benefits.

July 25, 2018


$3 Million Federal Grant to Impact Colorado Science Teacher Preparation

A federal grant was awarded to BSCS Science Learning and will fund a five-year STeLLA CO2 project, starting this month in partnership with University of Colorado, Boulder; University of Colorado, Colorado Springs; and University of Northern Colorado, Greeley.

April 16, 2018


BSCS 60th Anniversary Announcement

BSCS celebrates 60th anniversary in 2018 and changes name to BSCS Science Learning.

March 14, 2018


ABC-TV Louisville Features STeLLA High School Program

Local TV segment covers BSCS’s STeLLA professional learning program with educators in Jefferson County Public Schools, Kentucky.

October 13, 2017