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Professional Development Provider Institutes

Each Professional Development (PD) Provider Institute is a 4-day experience designed to support you as a PD provider by deepening your knowledge, increasing your confidence, and enhancing your abilities to support the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards and the recommendations put forth in A Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas in Science Teaching. The entire program generally consists of a series of four institutes.

The typical series of institutes includes:

  • Institute 1: Developing and Using Models (Practice 2)
  • Institute 2: Analyzing and Interpreting Data, Constructing Explanations and Engaging in Argument from Evidence (Practices 4, 6, and 7)
  • Institute 3: Asking Questions and Planning Investigations (Practices 1 and 3)
  • Institute 4: Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information (Practices 7 and 8)

Who should participate?

  • Science supervisors
  • K-12 teacher leaders
  • Science consultants
  • University faculty

What are the benefits?

By participating in this Institute, PD providers will

  • enhance their understanding of the research and literature underpinning the NGSS and be better able to support teachers’ translation of research into the classroom,
  • deepen their understanding of all eight scientific and engineering practices laid out in the NGSS, and
  • be part of a community that can support PD providers’ work.

After participating in the program, PD providers will be able to

  • plan, lead, and evaluate workshops that help teachers use scientific practices in their classrooms;
  • use a variety of “close-to-the-classroom” strategies to support teachers as they use the scientific practices in their classrooms;
  • make adjustments to plans based on data and understandings about change; and
  • increase intentionality in leadership practices.


Details vary for each institute. Currently, there are no Professional Development Provider Institutes available for registration. Join our Email list to stay informed on upcoming programs.