Transforming science education through research-driven innovation

Seth Van Doren


Research Project Manager

Seth Van Doren joined BSCS Science Learning as a Research Project Manager in January 2021. Prior to joining BSCS Science learning Seth worked as a research assistant at the Concord Consortium on a project integrating a suite of Internet of Things technologies and computational thinking practices into high school biology curricula. Prior to that he worked as a student assistant at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he assisted with coordinating the lab’s internship program and was a part of a research team studying the impact of a research experience program for community college students.

Seth earned a B.A. in Chemistry and a minor in Math and Science Education from the University of California, Berkeley. He resides on unceded Ohlone territory in the city of Oakland, California. He enjoys cooking, maintaining his bicycles and riding them in search of the best scenery, coffee, and beer in the East Bay.

Selected Publications

  1. Van Doren, Seth., Hardy, Lisa., Dixon, Colin., & Hsi, Sherry. “Distributed Interactions During ‘Hands-On’ Labs with Paraeducators” To be presented at Reflecting the Past and Embracing the Future, ISLS Annual Meeting 2021.
  2. Van Doren, Seth., Hardy, Lisa., Dixon, Colin., & Hsi, Sherry. “Data at a Distance: Innovative Science Experiments Using the Internet of Things” The Science Teacher (In Press)
  3. L. Bondaryk, S. Hsi and S. Van Doren,., “Probeware for the Modern Era: IoT Dataflow System Design for Secondary Classrooms,” in IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, doi: 10.1109/TLT.2021.3061040.
  4. Van Doren, Seth. “Sensors and Spinach: Increasing Student Agency in Biology Class,” @Concord, v.24, 2020.
  5. Dixon, Colin and Hardy, Lisa and Hsi, Sherry and Van Doren, Seth. “Computational Tinkering in Science: Designing Space for Computational Participation in High School Biology,” The Interdisciplinarity of the Learning Sciences, 14th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) 2020, v.1, 2020.